Total Health Protocol

Total Health Protocol

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Total Health innovative remedial protocol based on 30 days supplementation.

30 numbered daily packs with different combination of herbal ingredients, minerals, amino acids and vitamins for every day according to specific protocol for well-being, body regeneration, anti-aging and total 24/7 health support.

As we age, our bodies begin to degenerate. The degeneration is often imperceptible until we begin to feel aches and pains in muscles and joints, see wrinkles in our skin and start feeling tired more easily. Aging is life’s most categorical degenerative disease, with years of wear and tear ultimately resulting in the loss of our ability to function at full capacity.

There are literally thousands of functions performed throughout the body at any given moment by our cells. As we age though, old cells die, other cells become damaged and the body losses its ability to replace them with new cells. None of us can avoid the deterioration of our cells that occurs as a part of the aging process. How we choose to live our lives are also contributing factors to how fast the process progresses, such as smoking, poor/unhealthy diet, and inactive lifestyles. There are also things we cannot control such as toxins in the environment and genetic predisposition to certain aging processes. It appears we may be fighting a losing battle when it comes to the aging process. However, it does not stop us from still wanting healthier and longer lives. So how can we maintain our health and perhaps reverse the effects of aging?

If aging is the reduction in the efficiency of the body’s functions, then LONGAVITE TOTAL HEALTH PROTOCOL can offset the aging process by reversing the damage and bringing our bodies back to functional capacity. Aging happens to all of us but the therapies to combat this are already available nowadays. Can LONGAVITE TOTAL HEALTH PROTOCOL be the fountain of youth we’ve long searched for? Yes is the answer you need if you want to counter the adverse effects of aging so you can continue to look and feel young, and to improve your health.

A modern way of living, business commitments, insufficient sleep and physical activity, bad nutrition habits, as well as the air, water and land pollution, significantly affect our organism.

Negative factors accumulate, reducing the protective mechanisms of the body and eventually leading to chronic intoxication, which can be manifested by the most varied symptomatology, that altogether lead to serious health endangerment over time:

• digestion disorder,

• reduction in immunological defense of the organism and increased tendency towards infections,

• allergic and atopic manifestations,

• poor peripheral circulation, chest pain, cramps, decreased muscle strength,

• chronic fatigue syndrome,

• intense headaches,

• cognitive impairments,

• sleep disorders.

LONGAVITE TOTAL HEALTH PROTOCOL helps the antioxidation and detoxification process of our body and aims to restore homeostasis, or to maintain permanence of inner environment of the organism. Under the conditions of these minimal variations, cells are the most powerful. The entry of nutrients into the cell is adequate, and the process of oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria that generates energy is preserved.

Furthermore, ions maintain their constant concentration in the cell and extracellular fluid, which primarily allows functioning of neurons, heart and skeletal muscle cells, and then all the other cells in the body, hence leading to an automated full body regeneration.

Aging is inevitable, but how you age is not. Both men and women have the power to take control and actually manage their aging process. LONGAVITE TOTAL HEALTH PROTOCOL is your comprehensive approach to age management.

Fountain of Youth
Today advanced Anti-Aging Clinics Are Redefining the Definition Of “Growing Old”. Through their offered cutting edge medical treatments maybe they hold the key to eternal youth – or at least for those who can afford to spend hundreds of thousands.
Numerous clinics around the world are bringing the latest advancements in regenerative medicine to the masses (well, to the rather wealthy masses, anyways). These facilities are offering treatments that target specific degradations caused by ageing.
Specifically, they explore new ways to slow the natural deterioration of cells due to age and to rebuild telomeres (the caps at the end of human DNA). 

The idea behind this treatment is, the longer the telomere is, the better it is for your cells—improving life expectancy and lowering risk of disease. This material can now be prescribed in capsule or cream form. The company explains, “DNA that protect our chromosomes, like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. Without the coating, shoelaces become frayed until they can no longer do their job, just as without telomeres, DNA strands become damaged and our cells can’t do their job.”

For low energy, the clinic specializes in improving mitochondrial function or Human Growth Hormones to spur cell reproduction. This is supposed to lend itself to more lustrous hair, supple skin, healthy nails, and tremendous energy. The clinic asserts that hormone deficiency can be associated with a number of changes in the body, such as bone density, lipid metabolism, and cardiovascular function. To that end, hormone therapy specialists evaluate patients for hormonal depletions (including Growth Hormones) using a comprehensive blood analysis.

The Cost of Youth
However, the price of remaining young and healthy is something that, currently, many cannot afford. But that doesn’t mean that there are no solutions. LONGAVITE TOTAL HEALTH PROTOCOL is the answer. So, the way we age in the future will, in all likeliness, be nothing like how we are ageing today.
The science of anti-ageing and longevity has shifted in the past years. Today to successfully anti-age, one must combine a number of methods ensuring the biological components are in place.

How to age gracefully through the use of peptides
Scientists and doctors have grappled with the topic of anti-ageing and life extension for decades. Today, ageing gracefully isn’t a mystery. In fact, current life extension strategies encompass a varied range of options, scientifically mastered and tested for both short and long-term results.
It is now quite achievable to slow down premature ageing and much of this has to do with a deeper look into the signaling going on inside the body. Identifying where hormonal messaging has become imbalanced or dysfunctional and making the appropriate corrections to get your health back on track.
For those of you who are new to this way of thinking, it is time to get out of your comfort zone. One must let old restricted belief systems give way to what is proven by science and what is proactively shifting the ageing paradigm.

In order to age gracefully, there are two key prerequisites:
- Give the body all the goodness it needs
- Remove access to all the bad consumptions and harmful life choices that cause it to age prematurely

How to increase your chances of ageing gracefully?
Many of you will be quite surprised to know that by the time you are 30 years old there are already several hormones that are already producing at a deficit within your body. It is one of the main causes of ageing and what sets the wheels of menopause and andropause in motion. If ageing gracefully is of importance to you, this is one area of your health that you ought to become proactive. This is a specialist medical field of which much of the information you discover may not be of interest to your family doctor. It may very well be up to you to take the reins and take action. We encourage you to get educated. The endocrine system offers a host of insights into why and how the body behaves as it does.
Essential supplementation is a way in which we can infiltrate the hormonal messaging system and shift those signals associated with degeneration and deterioration to ones of regeneration, healing and optimal health.
Human ageing for decades has been regarded as an inevitable degeneration of mind and body that becomes apparent once we reach our 30’s. We can see our hormones are on a rapid decline. We begin to lose our ability to heal naturally and combat disease and infection. Along with the grim defeat of what ageing does to the body, is the development of illness and appearance of symptoms indicating a larger more worrying condition.
As we age, we are no longer equipped with the fortitude (nutritional support and hormone signaling) to protect adequately and repair our bodies of the ravages of toxins. We thus become reliant on medicines or require surgery or organ replacement, all for the ability to lengthen our lives., (which once crippled with disease is a life of questionable quality) …. It has been said that at the age of 65 most people will begin to suffer from 5 diagnosed or undiagnosed medical conditions, which in turn will necessitate 9-20 medicines, for the remainder of their lives.

It doesn’t have to be that way. LONGAVITE TOTAL HEALTH PROTOCOL can offer you a new lease on life. A chance to repair cellular damage, improve all systems of the body and live a much more fulfilling life – regardless of age.

LONGAVITE TOTAL HEALTH PROTOCOL is the anti-aging treatment intended to optimize health, help lengthen your life expectancy and bring vitality back into your life, by means of a perfect combination of natural ingredients and latest scientific advances in personalized preventive and predictive medicine.

Healthy-aging, Regenerative Medicine, Preventive Medicine and Genetics
How to live more and better
Our goal is not only to help people prevent or reverse premature aging after diagnosing its causes, but also to stimulate and recreate the natural processes and metabolic systems of our own bodies. LONGAVITE TOTAL HEALTH PROTOCOL is oriented to allow the enjoyment of life with health and vitality, regardless of the stage in which we are in.






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